At BreakAway Cycle & Strength Studio located in Longmont, CO, we offer the best indoor cycling (“spinning”) classes, on the best equipment, in the best environment. We offer classes for fitness enthusiasts and for people of all levels.  





We realize that any good fitness or performance program includes both cardio and strength work, so we’re also proud to offer strength classes using TRX Suspension Trainers. We offer a variety of classes that will meet the needs of all fitness levels.





For the most convenience, we recommend you pre-register to schedule your workout. You can reserve your classes 7 days in advance. Of course, you are also always free to drop-in for a cycling or TRX Strength training session without a reservation.





You'll notice a strong sense of community right away at BreakAway.  We also strive to integrate the Indoor Cycling Community and Outdoor Cycling Community.  We are proud sponsors of the St Vrain Chain Gang Cycling Club!



BreakAway Cycle & Strength is Longmont’s first and only “boutique-style” indoor cycling and TRX suspension training studio.


If this is your first time visiting, please review our Policy and Procedures information to learn what you need to bring to be prepared!










We offer indoor cycling classes for everyone; for those who are completely new to indoor cycling, for those who have been “spinning” for years and are looking for a way to reinvigorate their love of “spin”, for those who love outdoor riding when they can do it, but who want to stay fit through the winter seasons, and even for those who cycle competitively and are looking for the data feedback they need and instructors who will understand the unique needs of competitive athletes.






Strength Training with TRX

TRX Suspension training is beautiful for it’s simplicity and accessibility to all levels! Developed by Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, it’s original purpose was to provide a portable, functional, effective tool that would help Randy, and his Seal teammates stay in peak condition while on duty in places that did not allow access to traditional fitness equipment. Today, TRX suspension training is becoming the functional training system of choice for elite units in every branch of the Armed Forces. TRX suspension training is also utilized by the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. As Functional Training rises in popularity, the TRX trainer is gaining ground in gyms, studios, and “boxes” all across the country. Suspension training is perfect for a small studio setting.



What people are saying?




Read more reviews at Listen 360 to see what our clients are saying about us!




 Why we are different!



our_bikesOur Bikes

The Schwinn AC Performance is one of the best bikes on the market. With it’s MPower console, this bike allows riders to focus on form, efficiency, and performance parameters in order to get the very most out of each workout. The Schwinn also uses magnetic resistance rather than friction resistance. This alleviates the inconsistent pressure that results from issues with worn-out brake pads.








blingOur Bling

Yes, we have bling! We’ve got amazing sound, lighting, video, and performance monitoring systems. We’re able to run classes that you won’t find at most indoor cycling studios; classes like our BreakAway Epic Cycle, which brings you to locations around the world to experience a virtual road ride or mountain trail ride.  Another favorite is BreakAway Concert Cycle-you can't go wrong with this challenging ride set to live music and comedy!  All of our rides offer Performance IQ data tracking, so that you can easily monitor your power, cadence, and overall energy (kilojoule) production and calorie consumption!







our_bikesOur Instructors

We know that behind all the glitz and glamour of the “boutique” setting, our value still lies strongly in the quality of our instructors. Rest assured, that knowledge is what has guided our choices. We’ve brought together a “dream team” of instructors. They are all knowledgeable, energetic, passionate, motivating, creative, and dedicated to making your workout the best it can be!









Our Community


We don’t want to stop at just being an awesome place to work out! We strive to build community within our four walls. This is something you'll notice immediately at BreakAway.  Our instructors and regular clients have created an environment of inclusion and support.  It's hard not to make new friends when you ride with us!











We’ve chosen to use MindBody as our online scheduling tool.  By reserving online, up to one week in advance, you can schedule your workouts to fit in with your busy family/work life.  You can also relax and know that when you arrive to the studio you will have a bike or a suspension trainer waiting for you. 























Dedicated To Making Your Workout The Best It Can Be!





Alison is a certified group TRX instructor, a Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) and a Certified Johnny G. Spinning Instructor. » Full Bio






Kippy is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Council on Strength and Fitness and as an Individual AND Group TRX Fitness Instructor. » Full Bio






Tracy was introduced to TRX right here at Breakaway. She became increasingly impressed and involved with TRX and was craving more. » Full Bio



Amy has been through extensive training on cardiovascular endurance and Kettle Bell and strength training techniques. Her cycling classes focus on building a stronger athlete. » Full Bio






Meg has been a certified Johnny G Spinning instructor since 2005 and carries her passion for biking into the Cycling studio. » Full Bio








Zack was Mad Dogg Spinning certified in 1997 and Schwinn Indoor Cycling certified in 2012. He is an energetic Cycling Instructor. » Full Bio




Growing up, Paige was always involved in sports, and played volleyball
in high school and college.  » Full Bio





Kathy began bike racing in 1982. She is a Colorado State Time Trial Champion, has qualified for Olympic Trial and also competed in the 1986 Coors Classic. » Full Bio








I believe we all have the power, strength, determination, passion, ability to accomplish anything we truly want to... » Full Bio











Drop-in & Fit Pass Pricing 


$12 - Drop in

$55 - 5-class “Fit Pass” (expires 3 mths from purchase)

$100 - 10-class “Fit Pass” (expires 3 mths from purchase)

$20020-class “Fit Pass” (expires 3 mths from purchase)

$240 - 30-class “Fit Pass” (expires 6 mths from purchase)

*Please purchase only what you will use in the alotted time

**All Fit Passes may be shared between families.


$12 - Middle School Night Out (ages 11-15yrs)








Thursday, June 12, 2014 12:38 pm

Don't Get Healthy, Be Healthy - I Wish I Had Known Sooner!


In 2012, I opened BreakAway Cycle & Strength Studio here in Longmont.  I’ve so enjoyed the process, and have been thrilled with the way our clients have embraced the studio.  Our reviews are positive and our regular clients are seeing great results!  At BreakAway we run classes that are not only fun, but that allow for very easy goal setting and tracking, I believe that this, along with our stellar coaching, is what compels or clients to keep coming back!

Recently, I read this article, and was surprised to find out that, while Colorado boasts the lowest obesity rates in the country when it comes to adults, we sadly rank 23rd in the country for childhood obesity!  14.2% of our kids (under 18 years) are obese! 

Fitness is what I do, it’s how I try to make the world a better place.  So, when I read this and thought about the fact that I rarely see this under 18 year age group in the studio, I decided it was time to do something about it.

Unfortunately, I know from personal experience how critical it is to develop healthy patterns early on.  I didn’t develop the right patterns, and it took me years to get back to a healthy place.   Before I hit my teens, I was incredibly active, I could eat whatever I wanted, and so I did.  My favorite (almost daily) treat was a 5th Avenue candy bar (usually 2)!  As I got older, I began to gain weight and I dealt with the low self-esteem that goes along with weight issues.  I withdrew from sports, I withdrew from friends, I didn’t date, I struggled with eating disorders, and I was so completely consumed by all of my problems and obsessions, that I missed many opportunities that would never come my way again.  I was living such an unhealthy life!  And, although I steer away from regret, I can admit that the memories I have of that time in my life are not the one’s that I should have.  It took a complete shift of focus for me in my mid-20s to finally set things right. 

I am not unique in my struggles, I know many of us have been through the same, and maybe even still haven’t found balance and peace.  I don’t believe it has to be this way.  I think we can influence our kids early on to make good nutritional choices and to find activities that will increase not only their health and fitness, but that will offer them a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.  Most of all, these activities will become habits that they’ll carry on with them into adulthood.  Learning to correct bad habits is just so much more difficult that starting out with healthy habits right from the start.    

On Wednesday nights from 4:30p-7:30p,  through the summer, please drop your kids off at BreakAway ($12) for some healthy fun.  Each week will include a 35-minute ride, or we’ll bring in guest instructor, Tracy, to lead us through a POUND class (drumming fitness).  We’ll follow that up with about 30 minutes of resistance training using bodyweight or light free weights.  After a 1-hour workout, there will be the option to stay for a feature movie on our HD projector or a free-style dance party.    

Of course, fitness is just one aspect of a healthy life, but it’s a great first step, and when done on a regular basis, it can have a positive affect on every other decision that our kids make.

Pre-register to reserve your spot: breakawaylongmont.com

Stay in the loop by following us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/breakawaylongmont).











BreakAway Cycle & Strength Studio

439 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 720.491.3195




Street parking available: Coffman Street, Main Street, 5th Avenue, and 4th Avenue


Parking Lot available: East of Main on Kimbark, directly behind Great Frame Up. Come through breezeway and cross at crosswalk to BreakAway Cycle & Strength Studio on West side of Main.






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