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Track Your Class Stats with the Wahoo Fitness App

Many of our long time clients undoubtedly noticed a few months ago when they stopped receiving email summaries after class. This was unfortunately a technical issue that was out of my control. The stats service was provided by an outside party; they are currently having issues with that system.

But, sometimes when things go wrong, it directs us to a better way. And, that’s just what’s happened here!

Because we have the amazing Stages bikes and Stages power meter, you can track all of your workouts directly from the power meter using Bluetooth.

The information gathered via Wahoo is much more accurate and useful than the information that we were able to provide using our previous service.

And, the Wahoo app allows you to link a Training Peaks account (which is free), so that you can add each workout into your personal training calendar.


Set-up Instructions:

Follow these step-by-step instruction to track your class performance:

-From the app store, download Wahoo Fitness to your smartphone.


Adding your Personal Settings

-Open the app and click on Settings

-Click on My Details and fill out the information

-Back to Settings and choose Sharing

-Click to link any account to which you want to share your class information.

-Back to Settings and choose Heart Rate Training. Click on Edit my Zones and enter if you know them. *Optional

-Back to Settings and choose Power Training. Enter your power zones here if you know thtem. *Optional

-Back to Settings and click done (upper left corner)


Pairing a Bluetooth HR Device-Optional

-Be sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

-Click on Sensors

-Click Add New Sensor

-If you’re wearing a Bluetooth HR monitor, you should see it pop up on this screen. Click to add the sensor. Check all activities that you will use this sensor for.


Pairing your Stages Power Meter before class

-Be sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

-Pedal your bike to wake the power meter.

-Look at the top of your bike console to find your bike’s power meter ID

-Click Add New Sensor

-Find the Stages PM number that matches the bike you’re using

-Save the Power meter

**after class, if you don’t always choose the same bike number, you’ll want to forget this sensor. If you tend to use the same bike every time, then the PM will be saved for the next time you ride

-You may get a message asking you to Update Firmware- Please ignore this.

-Choose Spin Class from the list of workouts that this sensor will apply to .

-Scroll back to the Sensors page and click Done

-When you’re ready to start recording class, click Workout and then Start

-After Class, click pause –Stop –Save Workout. Your summary will pop up here.

-Click on the square with the arrow in the upper right hand corner to share your workout to your favorite apps (Strava, Training Peaks, Map My Fitness, etc)



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